We create Festivals Bridges between cultures and nations


Charitable Foundation THE FESTIVAL BRIDGES is a non-profit organization, founded in Prague (Czech Republic) in October 2010. The main mission of THE FESTIVAL BRIDGES Foundation is to help young people gifted in music and arts to find their way in the field of art and culture and to develop their talents by organizing for them international competitions, festivals and concerts in Czech Republic and abroad.

International festivals and competitions contribute to sharing cultural traditions through the international language of the arts, to exchange of experience, to establishing international relations and creating an atmosphere of friendship, trust and harmony.

Participation in International competitions and festivals is an unforgettable bright holiday, which gives the joy of art, new experiences and contacts, as well as the opportunity to perform in the best concert halls in Europe in front of the honored jury and to show creative achievements for the audience!

We look forward to seeing you at our festivals and competitions!


Structure of the Foundation

Structure of the Foundation

Board of trustees: Ing. Yulia Tomachek – the chairman of the Board

Contact information:

phone: +420 777 29 29 04
fax: +420 284 68 21 40
e-mail: festivalbridges@email.cz

Non-profit charity registration: No. 247 50 042 in the Municipal Court of Prague under the section N, file 806


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