Charitable Foundation THE FESTIVAL BRIDGES, established as a non-profit organization with the aim to present and promote talented children and youth in the Czech Republic and abroad by the way of organizing international cultural exchange through international art festivals and competitions, in co-operation with the Centre for artistic, cultural and sports programs for children and youth TAYLIS, is the direct organizer of international art festivals and competitions of various genres.

We have years of experience in organizing international competitions and art festivals, concerts, cultural exchanges in the Czech Republic and abroad (Vienna, Paris, Rimini, Dresden, etc.). Our art festivals and competitions are determined for soloists and groups of young performers under 26 years old and for professional performers from around the world as well.

The main mission of international competitions and festivals is the search for talented and artistically gifted young performers, establishing of international cultural relations, sharing of experience, improvement of professional skills and qualifications of teachers and leaders.

Participation in competitions and art festival is an unforgettable bright holiday, which gives the joy of art, new impressions and contacts, as well as the opportunity to perform in the best concert halls in Europe in front of the honored jury and the audience!

We believe that international competitions and art festivals organized by the Charitable Foundation THE FESTIVAL BRIDGES will help to bring new interesting young talents of the world together, to present their skills and cultural traditions to the audience and public, to make new friends with the same interests, to enrich of the multinational culture on the basis of mutual respect for the cultural traditions of all the countries and nations of the world and to popularize the children’s and youth creative work.

In addition to organizing cultural events, we provide a wide range of tourist services: accommodation reservation, providing guide services, provision of transport services within the program, etc.

We look forward to seeing you at our festivals and competitions!