Vienna stars

International Competition and Art Festival “Vienna Stars” is held in Vienna – the world capital of music, a waltz, palaces and parks – twice a year: in late March and early November.

The festival is an important event in the cultural life of Vienna and has won recognition from outside. More and more participants are attracted and the geography of the participating countries is constantly growing.
Famous Austrian cultural and art workers are invited as members of the international jury.

The main purpose of the competition and art festival “Vienna Stars” is to bring new interesting young talents of the world together, to present their skills and cultural traditions to the audience and public, to make new friends with the same interests, to enrich of the multinational culture on the basis of mutual respect for the cultural traditions of all the countries and nations of the world, to popularize the children’s and youth creative work, to improve professional skills and qualifications of teachers and art leaders.
Participation in the art festival “Vienna Stars” gives an opportunity to perform in the best concert halls of Vienna and to demonstrate creative results to the jury and Viennese audience! The brightest stars of Vienna take part in the Gala Concert of the winners.

The organizers of the competition and art festival “Vienna Stars”:
International Charitable Foundation THE FESTIVAL BRIDGES with the assistance of the Center of festival and art programs for children and young people TAYLIS