International Competition and Art Festival “FESTIVAL BRIDGES OF PARIS”

Rules and regulations

I. The procedure of the art festival and competitive program:

1. The competition is held in the form of audition in the presence of the jury and the audience. Entrance into the concert hall is free of charge.
2. The competition is evaluated by the jury, represented by internationally acknowledged cultural and art workers, according to the 10-points evaluation system. No appeals may be lodged against the decisions of the jury.
3. All organizing arrangements of the competition and art festival are done by the Organizing Committee of the festival.
The competitive program of the participants is approved by the Organizing committee of the festival on the basis of applications received. The schedule of the competitive program for all participants is determined in advance and depends on the age of the participants (from younger to older age categories), as well as on the declared competitive disciplines (from classical disciplines to modern).
All participants should prepare a competitive program within the time limits specified for each competitive discipline. In case a participant exceeds the effective duration allowed for performance, the final result will be arrived at by deducting a penalty.
4. Rehearsal time allotted for each participant should not exceed 3-4 minutes for soloists and 10 minutes for groups and ensembles. Under the acoustic rehearsal is meant test of the stage for dance groups (floor test), test of the microphones and other technical equipment, sound check.
5. Besides one main competitive discipline all participants are able to participate in additional disciplines if it is indicated in their application form.
6. Closing ceremony includes the Prize giving ceremony and the Gala Concert. The program of the Gala Concert is determined by the Organizing Committee on the basis of the decisions of the jury.

II. Participants of the International Competition and Art Festival “FESTIVAL BRIDGES OF PARIS”:

International Competition and Art Festival “FESTIVAL BRIDGES OF PARIS” is determined for soloists, ensembles and creative groups of young performers under 26 years old from around the world.
The competitive program is conducted in the following age categories:
MINI KIDS – from 6 to 8 years
CHILDREN – from 9 to 12 years
JUNIORS – from 13 to 15 years
ADULTS 1 – from 16 to 18 years
ADULTS 2 – from 19 years to 25 years
ADULTS 3 – from 26 years and older
SENIORS – from 50 years and older
In each age category are allowed up to 30% of younger and older than the specified age limits.

of the competition and art festival and the rules of the competitive program:

1. INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC (classical, folk, jazz, contemporary, modern, pop, etc.)
– Solo, small forms (duets), ensembles (trio, quartet, etc.), bands and orchestras.
Participants in the competitive discipline “INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC” should prepare a 7 minutes program consisting of two musical compositions.
2. VOCAL ART / SINGING (classical, choral, folk, jazz, pop, show groups, song writer)
– Solos, duets, trios, ensembles, choirs
Participants in the competitive discipline “VOCAL ART” should prepare a 7 minutes program which must include one composition in a foreign language. The selection of repertoire must be in accordance with the level of the international competition!
3. ART OF DANCE / CHOREOGRAPHY (ballet, folk, modern, jazz dance, free plastic, tap dance, break dance, street dance, hip hop, a children’s dance, sport dance, etc.)
– Solos, duets, couples, dance groups and formations
Participants in the competitive discipline “Art of Dance / Choreography” should prepare program within the following time limits:
soloists and duos (couples) – 2 dance numbers up to 5 minutes
dance groups and formations – 3 dance numbers up to 10 minutes
4. THEATRE / DRAMATIC ART (drama, music, puppetry, theatrical miniatures, fragments from plays, recitation)
Participants in the “DRAMATIC ART / THEATRE” should prepare a 10-minutes competitive. The duration of the competitive program for participants in “RECITATION” (monologues, fragments from plays) is limited to 6 minutes.
5. FOLKLORE (folk and ethnographic groups and soloists prepare programs that are based on folklore, customs and traditions).
Folklore groups, ensembles and soloists should prepare a competitive number of up to 10 minutes.
– Young fashion designers, fashion houses, theaters of fashion
Young fashion designers must present two collections with the original name in the competitive program. Each collection can be presented by 10 models. The duration of the competitive program is limited to 10 minutes. Theaters of fashion must prepare a program as a collection of mini-play or show.
Participants should present 2-4 works (painting, graphics, ceramics, etc.). All art works must be no less than 20 * 30 cm (for artists) with the name the author’s name, age and the name of the teacher.


1. All audio sound records for the competitive program must be recorded only in the usual audio format on CD discs or MD-discs. Not permitted MP3 and MP4 formats. Discs in format CD+R / CD+RW / DVD+RW will not be accepted! Use of soundtracks, recorded on a USB or flash discs is prohibited!
2. OBLIGATORY: All audio sound records must be of high quality, with clean editing and cuts.
All CD-discs for the competitive program must contain only one piece of music per CD. All CD-discs must be given to the Organizer at registration and must contain the name of participant in Latin characters, title of the composition and time limit. The participants must inform the Organizer if the music on CD stops and starts or contains silence within the musical composition.
3. The participants in the competitive discipline “VOCAL ART” must use only the “minus” soundtrack. It is forbidden to use the “plus” soundtrack.
3. If participant exceeds the effected duration time of performance for more than 1 minute, the Organizer has the right to stop music and to lay a penalty.
4. The Organizing Committee has the right to use and distribute without payment of fee to the participants photos, audio and video recordings of the competitive program of the festival and Gala Concert, as well as printed and other materials made during the competition events.
5. For publishing articles about the group or soloist on the web site of the festival organizers and for the preparation of posters and billboards of the competition event, it is necessary to send to the Organizing Committee a summary of a creative biography and two color photos in JPEG.
6. For advertising of sponsors it is necessary to send an electronic form to the address of the Organizing Committee with the sponsor’s logo and other necessary data.


The jury evaluates the skills of the participants during the competitive performance in each competitive discipline and in each age category in accordance with the 10-points evaluation systems:
9-10 points – Laureate of the I Grade
8-8.9 points – Laureate of the II Grade
7-7.9 points – Laureate of the III Grade
6-6.9 points – Diplomant

Criteria for evaluation in the discipline “INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC”:

– Proficiency and skills in playing an instrument;
– Mastery of technique and performance of the musical composition;
– Choice of the repertoire and its compliance with the age and capabilities of the performer;
– Musicality, artistry, originality of interpretation.

Criteria for evaluation in the discipline “VOCAL ART / SINGING”:

– Vocal range;
– Vocal quality;
– The difficulty of the repertoire, a sense of rhythm, ability to use the microphone
– Choice of the repertoire and its compliance with the age and capabilities of the performer;
– Stage presence and audience impact;
– Skills, artistry and originality.

Criteria for evaluation in the discipline “ART OF DANCE / CHOREOGRAPHY”:

– Skills and technique (variety of dance positions, dance movements, difficulty and originality);
– Mastery of performance (basic pattern, line, rhythm, timing, footwork, posture, togetherness, etc.);
– Musicality and expression (enthusiasm and enjoyment of the dance);
– Artistic interpretation.

Criteria for evaluation in the category “THEATRE / DRAMATIC ART”:

– An actor’s expressiveness, the ability to improvise, creative freedom and emancipation on the stage, acting individual;
– Work with the literary text (respect for the author of a literary text, saving the author’s style and tone);
– The integrity of the artistic image of the play;
– The level of artistic training of actors: stage speech, plastic;
– Music for the play;
– Originality of the costumes.

Criteria for evaluation in the discipline “FOLKLORE”:

– Brightness and originality of the material used folklore, artistic value, ethnographic exactness;
– Stage presence of folk rituals and traditions;
– Originality of the costumes.

Criteria for evaluation in the discipline “FASHION AND DESIGN”:

– Author’s originality and individuality of design;
– Creativity, artistic taste and knowledge of fashion, search of style;
– The technical complexity of the material from which made the collection, and color;
– The integrity of the composite image collection;
– Choice of music for the collection;
– Originality of the costumes.

Criteria for evaluation of works in the discipline “ARTS AND CRAFTS”:

– Skill and technique;
– Originality


Results of the Competition and Art Festival “FESTIVAL BRIDGES OF PARIS” are being summed up by the end of all competitive performances in Paris. The Organizing Committee awards diplomas with the title and festival medals to all participants.
According to the decision of the jury in each discipline are awarded the following titles:
Laureate of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grades, Diplomant, Winner of the Grand Prix.
Ensembles and groups of 3 or more persons receive one big cup or trophy of the festival and Diploma with the title, soloists and duets receive one small cup or trophy of the festival and Diploma.
The absolute Winner of Grand festival receives the Grand Prix of the festival and Diploma Grand Prix.
As a result of the competition allowed duplication of prizes (two first prizes, two second prizes, and so on). Grand Prix is awarded only by a jury. If there are no worthy candidates for the title of the absolute Winner and Grand Prix – this Prize is not awarded.
All teachers, choreographers, group and ensemble leaders receive the Diplomas with the wording “For preparation to the competition and for establishment of international cultural relations”. At discretion of the Organizing Committee and the Jury may be awarded also special prizes, such as: “Outstanding choreography,” “Best Costume,” or “Extraordinary stage presence”, etc.

VII. THE REGISTRATION FEE FOR PARTICIPATING in the competition in one main competitive discipline:

35 Euro for every participant as a member of group or collective,
50 Euro for soloists (solo, duo).
For the participants in additional discipline – 15 Euro extra per each discipline for participant as a member of group or collective and 20 Euro extra for soloists.